Radial time

March 3, 2009
Muji Chronotebook

Muji Chronotebook

I am not here to praise Muji; they don’t need it. Yeah yeah it’s hard to resist their  accessible minimalism. I too wish I could wear grey, black, and white as my austere uniform every day, but can’t pull it off.

But their Chronotebook is notable in its simple tweak of the rectilinear grid that defines most diaries. These pages are radial: each day is represented by a spread with a circle on each page, the verso for AM and the recto for PM. It’s truer to the way we usually visualize time, as a clock face rather than graph paper. Thinking about time differently is a worthy endeavor, and it can start here.


One comment

  1. I too love the idea so I bought one of these, and alas. I didn’t like the way my day “looked” when written kind of haphazardly around the circle. It seemed to mirror the general chaos of my life! things written neatly in list format give me the illusion of control. Ha.

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