Sprucing up

May 15, 2009

Wanted to tweak a few things on the site before posting the next raft of entries. And with the help of Shawn Hazen, the joint looks a lot better. Oh and with the kind assistance of Jenn Shreve, the mistress of compact concepts, who vetoed my nonsensical ideas for a tagline, and devised these. And also of Laura Forde, Kim Abrams, and Monika Carmichael for Photoshop help and moral support.
Thank you all. As you know I am hilariously deficient in standard imaging applications, and you help made it all better.
Now I can post about the new SUNN O))) album, the origami documentary, how metal graphics are kind of everywhere, 49 conceptual yet master-planned cities, political control of images in the urban environment, and much more—without embarrassment.


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