Graphic warnings of the Roadtec RX-900 cold planer

May 12, 2010

A small iPhone gallery of the graphic warnings found on this multitrack road planer; I counted over a dozen different signs. Some of these subject the internationally standard graphic stickman to various gruesome perils, others deviate from abstraction to show more specifically how limbs can succumb to the asphalt-gulping machine. Most odd is the perceived need to add a helmetlike nose and eye to indicate a face in profile, which just seems superfluous.

Note to self: stay away from the pinch point areas.


  1. Nice one Alan! Cheers mate.

  2. You should see the signs at the pool at the top of Yosemite falls. “Do not play in the water. If you slip and fall you will die”
    Accompanied by an image of a body going over the top of the falls, of course.

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