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Your darkest desires: there’s an app . . .

May 26, 2009

Mike Essl, master of the single-serve site, has produced a new matrix for our most pungent fantasies (with a familiar brand association): App For That.

Picture 2

Yes, you can rate these.


Sprucing up

May 15, 2009

Wanted to tweak a few things on the site before posting the next raft of entries. And with the help of Shawn Hazen, the joint looks a lot better. Oh and with the kind assistance of Jenn Shreve, the mistress of compact concepts, who vetoed my nonsensical ideas for a tagline, and devised these. And also of Laura Forde, Kim Abrams, and Monika Carmichael for Photoshop help and moral support.
Thank you all. As you know I am hilariously deficient in standard imaging applications, and you help made it all better.
Now I can post about the new SUNN O))) album, the origami documentary, how metal graphics are kind of everywhere, 49 conceptual yet master-planned cities, political control of images in the urban environment, and much more—without embarrassment.


The bag with sleeves

April 2, 2009

By wasting any more time, breath, keystrokes, or brainspace to the Snuggie we all unknowingly contribute to the acceleration of the ultimate heat-death of the universe. But I would pay at least a small sum to see a squad of warriors in these “wearable sleeping bags” go up against a force of equal numbers or strength in “luxurious fleece” get-ups.

Or at least in the next Daft Punk video.

Via LikeCOOL, where apparently the drowsy clown logo converts every press release received into a post.